Transition from work to retirement in EU25

The policy agenda of extending working lives requires a holistic understanding of factors underlying the decision of older workers to withdraw from work and to  retire.  This  brief  paper  presents  employment  patterns  and  trends  of  older
people  across  EU  Member  States  and  identifies  policy  initiatives  that  would encourage more flexible and later retirement. The descriptive empirical evidence (from  the  EU  Labour  Force  Survey)  indicates  that  there  are  a  broad  range  of experiences  in  EU  countries  with  respect  to  the  employment  of  older  workers (those aged 50 and over).

Bibliographical reference:

Zaidi, Asghar / Makovec, Mattia and Fuchs, Michael ( October 2006 ): Transition from work to retirement in EU25. CASE/112 

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