The PEER consortium presents the results, announces the end of the project and gratefully acknowledges all the support and cooperation received over the last 2 and half years.

Posted on December 31, 2013

The PEER consortium proudly presents the core public results of the PEER project that are now released and available on the project website!

These include:

  • 50plus platforms: An EU-wide collection of 50plus platforms, displayed as an interactive and user-friendly map;
  • Guidelines: 'A one to ten for encouraging participation of older people on social platforms' available in 21 languages. These guidelines support Operators of 50plus online platforms, 3rd Age Universities and other interested institutions, to enrich their service by using Web 2.0 tools for learning purposes. The guidelines comprise recommendations both related to technology and to learning. Overall, they provide guidance on tools that help foster activities on platforms, supporting and encouraging learning among older adults;
  • Learning Package in EN, DE, NL, PL and PT: includes free of charge, four Web2.0 tools, adapted to the needs of older people, ready to be installed on online social network platforms, consisting of:
    • The source code, packed in a file and its related deployment guidelines
    • A video enabling a more comprehensive understanding about the adapted Web2.0.

Finally we would like to thank all those who collaborated with us over the last two and half years, both inside and outside the partnership.  We truly feel a sense of accomplishment in the products that have been developed and hope they can make the positive impact on older learners and Platform Operators that we hoped was possible.

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