Pilot Testing Evaluation Report, D12

Category: Reports

Publication Date: December 2013

This deliverable has been prepared as part of the delivery of Work Package 6 ‘Pilot Testing and Evaluation of  the PEER project. The purpose of this deliverable was to provide a summary of two Pilot testing sessions which took place in the United Kingdom (University of Strathclyde) and the Netherlands (CBO). It further aimed to provide key lessons learned from the testing of the platform with end-users.
Pilot workshops took place between February 2013 and May 2013, with 10 older learners participating at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and 6 older learners participating at CBO. For the purposes of this project ‘older’ is classified as someone aged 50 and over. A methodology was designed by the lead project partner (ZSI) and was followed, in the main, throughout the workshop in both testing countries.
This report summarises the findings from the two Pilot workshops and presents the views of the participants on the PEER Platform. It concludes with a summary and key lessons learned for future projects considering building on the work carried out by the PEER partnership.



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