Guidelines 'A one to ten for encouraging participation of older people on social platforms'

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Welcome to the Website of the LLP Project Sapere aude! Dare to be wise! – PEER

We believe that 50+ platforms (online social platforms for adults aged 50+) offer tremendous potential for sustaining learning opportunities across the life course in later life. Our vision is to provide facilitation of informal and non-formal peer learning in online communities supported by customized Web2.0 tools for adults aged 50+.

After two and a half years of intensive time of development and testing we proudly present four - to the needs of older people - adapted Web2.0 tools, ready to be installed on online social network platforms.

Please feel free to take advantage for free of charge of: The source code packed in this file and the Deployment Guidelines. Licences for the source code are mostly free and can found here.

PEER-video_screenshot.pngWould you like to learn more about the adapted Web2.0 tools? Then have a look at this video. This video originates from the PEER project and contains a tutorial on how to use the Web 2.0 tools they provide for people age 50+.

The video is licensed under Creative Commons (CC-NC-ND 3.0).

Here you can navigate thorugh the demo version (EN) of the PEER Web2.0 tools. Use for login: maria / password: peer1234


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