Dialogue: Project presentations

Bildung im Alter: Luxus oder Notwendigkeit?

Event Date: June 2-3, 2014
Presentation Title: PEER - ein Good-practice Beispiele für Bildung im Alter

The platform 'training and education' of the Austrian Resarch Community (ARGE BILDUNG UND AUSBILDUNG der Österreichischen Forschungsgemeinschaft) invited... read more ...

Web-based Learning Platforms

Event Date: November 27-29, 2013
Presentation Title: Peer to Peer Learning through Technology: Can knowledge exchange, supported by Web2.0 tools for adults 50plus, provide an effective solution?
Event Title: EAPRIL 2013 - European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning in education and professional practice

Graham Smith (UoS) and Maria Schwarz-Woelzl / ZSI presented the PEER research outcomes on the EAPRIL Conference 2013. Please find below the presentation... read more ...

Social Media in Education

Event Date: November 18-20, 2013
Presentation Title: Peer to Peer Learning through Technology: Can knowledge exchange, supported by Web2.0 tools for adults 50plus, provide an effective solution?
Event Title: ICERI2013 - 6th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation

Maria Schwarz-Woelzl / ZSI and Graham Smith (UoS) present the PEER research outcomes on the 6th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation... read more ...

Health in Europe: are we there yet? Learning from the past, building the future

Event Date: November 13-16, 2013
Presentation Title: PEER Project
Event Title: EUPHA Conference 2013

Jan Jansen / CBO presented the PEER Project on the Annual Conference of the European Public Health Association. read more ...

Social Media und mobiles Internet vermittelt von Älteren für Ältere

Event Date: October 21-22, 2013
Presentation Title: Zukunftsidee: Weblog mit PEER Tools für sii’s Projektpräsentation PEER: Vernetzung und Lernangebote
Event Title: Qualifizierungsseminar für das Netzwerk Senior-Internet-Initiativen Baden-Württemberg

The PEER National Network meeting was embedded in an embracing event, namely a seminar for the network sii BW, where senior internet multiplicators were... read more ...

ForAge International Conference

Event Date: September 30, 2013 - October 1, 2013

Maria Helena Antunes gave a poster presentation on the prestigious ForAge conference. read more ...

Alter(n) lernen

Event Date: September 19-20, 2013
Presentation Title: Über das ZAWiW Kompetenz und Produktivität nutzen aktives Alter(n) gestalten!
Event Title: DGGG-Fachtagung

Markus Marquard / ZAWiW presented PEER as a good practice example of ZAWiW's proejcts in the lifelong learning domain on the joint conference of 'Sektion... read more ...

Najlepsze praktyki: Grundvig i Leonardo da Vinci

Event Date: September 6, 2013
Event Title: Konferencja monitoringu tematycznego programu „Uczenie się przez całe życie”

Agnieszka Chrząszcz / AGH, presented as invited speaker three LLP good practide example. PEER was one among others. Find below first the presentation ... read more ...

Nutzung des Internets durch ältere Menschen

Event Date: July 14-20, 2013
Event Title: Technisierung des Alters – Beitrag für ein gutes Leben? Ethische, rechtliche, soziale und medizinische Aspekte von technischen Assistenzsystemen bei pflege- und hilfsbedürftigen Menschen im fortgeschrittenen Alter

Markus Marquard presented PEER on this conference. Download the presentation below. read more ...

Sieci społecznościowe dla seniorów / Social Networking for Seniors

Event Date: December 1, 2012
Event Title: The progress of science and technology and the problems XXI century

Agnieszka Chrząszcz /AGH gave a presentation during the session of Technical Open University of 3rd Age in Krakówgave about online social networking of... read more ...


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