Materials for Pilot Testing

In the course of the pilot testing and the evaluation of the Web2.0 tools, a topical impulse for discussion among the older people is required. Therefore, we collected a sample of useful materials on successful transition strategies from gainful employment to retirement, which is provide here for the public.

Das Paar beim Übergang in den Ruhestand. Ergebnisse einer qualitativen Studie

English Title: The couple in the transition to retirement. Results of a qualitative survey.
Language of the material: German

Der Übergang in den Ruhestand bedeutet den Beginn einer neuen Lebensphase. Wie die Veränderungen, die mit dem Wegfall der Erwerbstätigkeit einhergehen... read more ...

Goed ouder worden

English Title: Good Ageing
Language of the material: Dutch

What does good aging in modern society? This question is the focus of the research group 'Ageing Well' at the Humanistic University in the Netherlands... read more ...

Midlife Twist

English Title: Midlife Twist
Language of the material: Dutch

Midlife Twist is the opposite of a Midlife Crisis. In a Midlife Twist you get the insight that life still has much to offer. This video documentary... read more ...

Plus Online: Pensioen

English Title: Plus Online: Retirement
Language of the material: Dutch

Website of Plus Magazine in the Netherlands. Answers on may questions about financial aspects of retirement. read more ...

Plus Online: Wel pensioen maar geen status: Wat nu?

English Title: A pension but no status: What now?
Language of the material: Dutch

Article on the website of Plus Magazine in the Netherlands. A job provides more than money. Also social status and a certain degree of self-esteem.&... read more ...


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