Materials for Pilot Testing

In the course of the pilot testing and the evaluation of the Web2.0 tools, a topical impulse for discussion among the older people is required. Therefore, we collected a sample of useful materials on successful transition strategies from gainful employment to retirement, which is provide here for the public.


English Title: Future Coach
Language of the material: Dutch

An online test of ANBO, one of the major 50plus organisations in the Netherlands. A person can test online whether he or she is prepared for retirement... read more ...

Transition from work to retirement

Language of the material: English

As older persons move towards the end of their working lives, a relatively high proportion seem involved in atypical, flexible working arrangements... read more ...

Transition from work to retirement in EU25

Language of the material: English

The policy agenda of extending working lives requires a holistic understanding of factors underlying the decision of older workers to withdraw from... read more ...

Transitions from Work to Retirement: Developing a New Social Contract.

Language of the material: English

This report derives from a project funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation as part of its ‘Transitions after 50’ research initiative. The purpose ... read more ...

Uw talent gaat niet met pensioen

English Title: Your talent does not retire
Language of the material: Dutch

A project of the Dutch Women’s Council. Women 50+ in the Netherlands have a future; in average they still will live for 30 years. Planning is part ... read more ...


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