Desať pravidiel podpory účasti starších na sociálnych platformách - Odporúčania pre operátorov platforiem 50+ a univerzity tretieho veku

Category: Guidelines / Handbooks
Publication Date: September 2013

Tieto odporúčania majú za cieľ podporiť postupnú premenu Vašej služby používaním web 2.0 nástrojov pre vzdelávacie účely na on-line sociálnych sieťach... read more ...

Assessment of Web2.0 Tools: Workshop Report

Category: Reports
Publication Date: August 2012

This deliverable has been prepared as part of the delivery of Work Package 4 ‘Assessment of pre-selected open source Web2.0 tools’. The purpose of ... read more ...

A one to ten for encouraging participation of older people on social platforms Guidelines for Operators of 50plus platforms and 3rd Age Universities

Category: Guidelines / Handbooks
Publication Date: July 2013

These guidelines aim to support moves towards the transition of your service by suggesting the use of Web 2.0 tools for learning purposes on online social... read more ...


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