Our partnership …

… builds upon a unique, transdisciplinary knowledge base, which includes leading organisations in the ageing society & lifelong learning domain. We collaborate further with some of the most recognised institutions working on ageing and policy issues.



Zentrum fuer Soziale Innovation / ZSI, AUSTRIA
Expert: Maria Schwarz-Woelzl


logo_agh.png University of Science and Technology, Centre of e-learning / AGH, POLAND
Expert: Agnieszka Chrzaszcz 
logo_university_strathclyde.png University of Strathclyde, Centre for Lifelong Learning / UoS, SCOTLAND
Expert: Graham Smith
logo_clo.png Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement / CBO, NETHERLANDS
Expert: Sarah Pos
logo_zawiw.png Ulm University, Centre for General Scientific Continuing Education / ZAWiW, GERMANY
Expert: Linda Grieser
logo_aidlearn.png Aidlearn, PORTUGAL
Expert: Maria Helena Antunes

Supporting Partners

logo_age.png Age Platform Europe / AGE
logo_forum50plus.png Ja Kobieta – Fundation for Women's Issues "I am a woman" / Forum 50+
logo_rutis.png Universities of the Third Age Network Association / RUTIS
logo_vile.png Virtuelles und reales Lern- und Kompetenz-Netzwerk älterer Erwachsener / ViLE e.V.


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